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About Step Together

  • About Step Together

    Step Together is an early intervention helpline and online service to help you, if you know someone that may be headed down the path to violent extremism.

    This service has been developed to provide a safe space where people’s key support networks (family, friends and acquaintances), can find information and advice on the role they can play in helping someone avoid participation in ‘violent extremism’ – the act of trying to effect political or social change using violence.

    Step Together is funded by the NSW Government as an early intervention CVE service, as part of a $47 million package to fight violent extremism, with more than 240 community groups consulted on the purpose and design of the service. It is not a reporting service, we are here to offer information, advice and referrals.

  • What is violent extremism?

    ‘Violent extremism’ refers to a person or group who justify or use fear, terror and violence to achieve ideological, political or social change.

    Violent extremism can come from any side of the political spectrum, any religion, race or other grouping. The key defining behaviour that makes this a problem for our society is the use of violence to pursue goals for change.

    Step Together aims to work with the community using an early intervention countering violent extremism (CVE) model, to identify behaviours that are of concern and provide advice and referrals to services that can help before anything dangerous happens.

    Visit our FAQ page to learn more about violent extremism or contact our helpline


  • What does Step Together do?

    Through this website and our helpline, Step Together provides an ‘early intervention’ CVE service with advice, information and referrals to people who are concerned that someone they know may be headed down the path of violent extremism.

    We aim to divert people from participating, by addressing the social problems that are often associated with violent extremism before it becomes a bigger issue. We know that in many cases, it is people’s support networks that can play a crucial role in dissuading people from heading down this path.

    Our trained support staff are available to answer your questions and help you with your concerns. The helpline provides a support service so you can assist those you’re worried about.

    The helpline is available from 7am to 9pm every day.

  • What happens to my information?

    Step Together holds all information in accordance with NSW legislation regarding privacy and our privacy policy.

    This service is not about reporting individuals; it is about helping people’s support networks with information and advice.

    Our service is independent of government, police and other authorities and it is only in the event of a serious and imminent risk to the safety of yourself and others that we are obligated to report the situation, to ensure your safety and that of others. This is a legal requirement and standard practice for counselling services, including domestic violence, child protection and suicide services.

Step Together offers free professional telephone and online counselling 7am to 9pm, seven days a week .

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