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Support for Family and Carers

  • If you're worried about someone in your family, what can you do?

    Sometimes you know something is wrong but you don’t know what. That can be very scary, so getting advice is the first step towards doing what’s best for the ones you care about.

    If you’ve noticed a significant change in behaviour, or an interest in something unusual, or even violent, it can be worrying. If you’re concerned about the behaviour of a loved one, you’ve come to right place – these are people and services that can help.

    We all go through challenges in life, but there are some behaviours that are troubling. Everyone’s different. There’s no checklist that can tell you someone is at risk. However, if you are concerned or afraid of the behaviours they are showing, in person or online, all it takes is one step to get the support you need.

    There are many reasons for changes in behaviour. Step Together has trained support staff who can listen and help point you in the right direction.

  • Little things that can make a difference

    • Notice early signs of worrying changes in behaviour.
    • Keep talking – engage in open communication as a family so your loved one feels supported and that they can come to you for anything.
    • Take an interest in their online habits – being secretive doesn’t necessarily mean they are accessing violent extremist material, but downloading and sharing content that advocates violence to achieve change is concerning.
    • Make an effort to engage in their interests and be aware of friends or the groups they’re involved with.

    Strong, loving relationships are the best protection for vulnerable people. If you’re worried about a loved one the most important thing you can do is support them.

  • What you can do to help

    • Even if you disagree with what they are saying, it’s important to maintain positive, open communication – listen, understand the person’s reasons for becoming involved.
    • Stay connected to them.
    • Ask for help from trusted others.
    • Call the Step Together helpline.

    Call our helpline between 7am-9pm, every day. Asking for help is the best way you can support those you love.